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We’ve all heard the saying before, “Plan your work, work your plan”, but what does that mean?  What plan are strategist talking about?  A marketing plan?  An organizational plan?  A product delivery system?  Are they talking about short term plans (tactical plans) or long term plans (strategic plans)?     

    The short answer is yes to all of the above and more.  As a coach, I have my clients set aside one full day each quarter to work solely on their business and review, research and document exactly what it is they want to accomplish in their business over the next 90 days.  There’s a number of benifits that come from this day, such as:    

  1. Focus – Knowing what they want to accomplish over the next 90 days and setting their Reticular Activating System (RAS) to recognize the opportunities as they come along over the next 90 days allows them to quickly accomplish goals previously thought unattainable in the time frame given.
  2. Clarity – By taking the time to consider areas of the business such as people, products, finances, time management, systems, etc. owners are able to choose which areas to address over the next quarter and execute plans around those priorities selected during the planning day.
  3. Priorities – Similar to number two above, the owner can quickly prioritize the areas of the business that needs attention this quarter.
  4. Knowledge – Setting out what training, education and/or skills are needed to affect the areas of the business that have been prioritized allows the owner to develop not only themselves, but also the entire team with logical skills development plans.

    Now that the priorities have been thought about, discussed and documented, we now have a rule to judge ourselves by.  At the end of the quarter we can reflect on the activities and accomplishments and determine if we’ve actually moved our “business” forward or if we have merely kept busy in our “busy-ness.”     

     March 26, is our next “GrowthCLUB” where numerous like minded business owners will gather locally in a large meeting room to bounce ideas off each other, consider, reflect and strategize their next 90 day plans and take action on their business.  If you would like to get involved in this or a similar power packed day in your area, send me an email to:     

   To schedule a 30 minute complimentary call with Roger to discuss your  plans, visit this site and pick a time, slots are limited:      

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