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I’ve heard many people say that 90% of all marketing fails which invokes my response of “how do you know?”  Did you measure the results of your marketing efforts?  Let’s take a look at the data and find out where it failed.  I believe that 90% of marketing fails because people are lazy and won’t do the work of tracking their results.    

One of the big myths about marketing is the branding that too many marketing outlets use as an excuse for their marketing strategy not working.  If your business is producing less than $10 Million you have no business running “Branding” ads.  You need ads that sell, and they need to sell now, not later.  The best “branding” you can do for yourself is proving to the public that you are a thriving business.  Part of your strategic planning must include a solid Marketing Plan.   

 To create your marketing plan, develop 10 different marketing avenues that sell right now for your business over the next 10 weeks and you won’t recognize your business in 3 months time.  Develop one avenue per week and make it as automated as possible so that your entire day is not consumed with marketing activities.  Delegate, but don’t abdicate, as many of the marketing tasks as you can in your business.  If you are a sole operator, hire a part time worker to do the low end tasks that can be done for $8-$10 an hour.  Your time is too valuable to be doing these tasks. Make sure you show the marketing task on your default calendar every week.  This is the step too many owners miss.  Once the leads start coming in, its easy to stop the marketing activities and work the business.  Life is good, until the business is completed and there’s no leads to work.  Keep your sales funnel full by automating your marketing strategies even in the “good times.”    

 A large piece of automating each marketing effort is developing a tracking method to ensure that it is done.  This could be a checklist that you and/or your staff can check off each day, week or month depending on the strategy.  Then develop the tracking system you will use to measure the results.  This also could be as simple as a spreadsheet, tally sheet or whatever is necessary to track the results of each effort.  Remember to create scripts for incoming inquiries from the marketing effort.  These scripts could be for responses via phone, walk-in, email, in person meetings, etc.  Make sure the scripts are targeted at selling the next step in your sales process and not trying to sell the end result.   

 On average, a marketing effort takes about 6 weeks to show results.  By testing and measuring each effort make sure to give it enough time to work.  One of the big mistakes in marketing is jumping between campaigns, media, etc too often.  When you have a good sampling of data, you can make better decisions to continue, modify or stop each marketing strategy.  If you stop one, start one to replace it.  Having 10 strategies pulling 10% of your leads each, will ensure that you will always have leads coming in to your business.   

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