Is Fear Controlling Your Business?

Hawk's Eye on Business
Hawk’s Eye on Business

Another business took a step closer to failing yesterday and the sad thing is that they didn’t move an inch.  That is the problem, though.  Too many business owners are allowing fear to control their actions and all too often that fear is to recede into a proverbial turtle shell and do nothing.  Now is not the time to develop atrophe for your business.  Now is the time to get active and “SELL” your product or service.  Remember, when your competition goes out of business, if you are not actively seeking those stranded customers they will go to another competitor instead of you.

There is a risk to getting out and marketing your products and services at this time, however.  Sales and marketing has changed in the last 2 years and the sad fact is that someone forgot to tell the sales and marketing folks.  This is reflected in old marketing methods as well as new marketing methods.  Too many marketers are talking about “build your brand” and “get noticed.”
First of all, if your company is making less than $50M a year, you have very little business using branding ads without a sales focus.  Your marketing needs to sell but not at the expense of becoming a product pusher.  This is where the second mistake comes into play, in that companies are using social media to “SELL” their product but all they are doing is pushing their product.  You need to become a problem solver with your product or service.  Many companies have found that Social Media is an excellent way to become a problem solver. 
The key to making social media work is to engage with people and find out what their problems are and if there is a fit for your product/service before you make them an offer.  Additionally, any sales manager who is not promoting the use of social media in their agents and investing in the training of proper use of social media is missing the boat.  Remember, there’s no way your ship can come in if you missed the boat in the first place.  Think of Social Media as a global coffee shop that allows you to find the one or two tables at any given time talking about a topic that fits your product or service.  The question is, how do you get invited to sit down at that table and engage in the converstation to find the fit for your product?  By the way, is it so bad if you sit down and have a conversation with someone new at a coffee shop and not find a fit but make a friend in the market place?  No.  They now know what you do and can spread the word.
Stay tuned to this blog as I’m developing a 5 part series to train sales agents on how to use the big three social media in their sales efforts.  The 5 modules will be taught live in one week intervals over a 5 week span.  I will make the videos, workbooks and tools available online for download after that.  The modules will be:
  1. Registering for the big three, and how to use Twitter
  2. All about Facebook (Focus is on the business apps not on the social side)
  3. Linked IN, How to strengthen existing relationships and develop new markets
  4. Aggregators, how to centralize your social media to save time and effort
  5. Advanced Tips and Tricks in Twitter, Facebook and Linked IN.

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