Discounting Your Prices – Good Move or Bad?

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     Yesterday we talked about setting the price on your product.  Today we talk about discounting the prices once you have set your price.  Before setting your “sale” price we need to understand what affect to the bottom line the discount will have. 

     The first step is to know your true margin on the product.  Without knowing this, you could be “Sale”-ing your way to bankruptcy. Let’s say your net profit margin is 20%.  The question is how much more product would you have to sell in order to make up for the discount in net profits?  You need to sell 100% more product because the 10% discount will come straight out of profit cutting your net margin down to10%.  

    Doulbling your sales is not enough, though because doubling the sales will only have you breaking even with the sale.  This is like saying you have to work twice as hard for the same amount of pay. 

     On the other hand, if you raise your prices 10% what impact would it really have on your business? Well, your profit would go up to 30% on each unit of product.  You would have to lose 1/3 of your customers at 30% margin to drop back to the same amount of profit you are currently making.  This may even be highly advantageous to you if the bottom 10-20% of your clients are the trouble makers who pay slowly or constantly complain without reason.  

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  1. Sally Terry, 05 March, 2010

    Roger, the help and mentoring you have given me has been invaluable. I had questions about which direction to take and you have always guided me with clear steps and solid advise. And it is paying off, as I have decided to increase my products and launch a new division of my brand.

    Having someone like you is like having a board of directors with decades of the best business practices experience…with thanks, Sally Terry, Sally Terry LLC.

  2. Roger Hawk, 05 March, 2010


    It is a pleasure doing business with owners such as yourself, who take advise and take action. Too often the biggest failure in business is to make a decision, one way or the other, and take action on it.

    with regards, Roger

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